We know that building a business is tough. Think of us as both an advisor and an ally on your journey to success.
The CoWrks Foundry is a rigorous, real-world program for talented founders who are driven and open to honest, critical feedback.
  Be prepared to be pushed harder than you have ever been before. Have your ideas challenged, beaten down, broken apart and then built up again.

Given the immense potential of a country of young, driven intellectuals, the rate of startup failure in India is startling. Startups in the Urban Tech, Enterprise Tech and Social Enterprise space, in particular, face sector-specific setbacks. Our careful study of the Indian startup landscape revealed a lack of global exposure, insufficient expertise, inadequate industry knowledge, and poor curriculum mapping. These pertinent issues are left unaddressed by existing accelerators and mentorship programs in the market, holding high-potential entrepreneurs back from achieving greatness.

That’s where we come in.

The CoWrks Foundry was born from intensive research and the realization that lasting startup success is only attainable if the gaps in the current startup ecosystem are addressed.

Over the course of our rigorous 24 week regime, our tribe of relentless, data-driven visionaries will coach you, and help take your business to the next level.

We have not built our program with a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we specifically build to our strengths. Our well-architected program is tailored for our three focus industries, offering relevant, actionable, sector-specific advice.

We’ve incorporated the best of industry expertise, a world-class curriculum crafted by veterans and targeted mentorship, to give your company the boost it needs. With connections to the CoWrks community, you’ll be in the company of innovators, creators and all-round genius.

For entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to do the hard work needed to build an enduring company, we will lay a solid foundation and devise an ironclad framework.

We are The CoWrks Foundry.