The CoWrks Foundry is a rigorous 24-week business acceleration program to forge resilient, global companies. This intensive program has been carefully designed by learning experts from some of the best universities in the world, in partnership with industry experts. Over the course of the program, eight startups from our current cohort have been equipped with capital, and a diverse range of resources including industry experts providing targeted world-class mentorship to each startup, which have helped them gain a strong appeal in the marketplace.

On September 24th, The CoWrks Foundry’s third and most recent cohort draws to a close, culminating with Centre Stage — The CoWrks Foundry Demo Day. At Centre Stage, founders will present their products, ideas and business models to a curated audience of over 100 investors and industry leaders, with many others attending via a live stream.

Here’s a brief summary of our startups pitching at CentreStage:

  • Huviair: Huviair drives Industrial Productivity with Drone Data Intelligence that particularly caters to the construction industry. The company provides survey and workflow management with added analytics and intelligence. They already work with some of the biggest names in the industry — providing more accurate measurements, reduction in manpower, cost saving and increased safety at worksites.
  • Lockn: Lockn transforms workplaces and makes interaction between people and the environments enjoyable and frictionless by providing encrypted, remotely controlled smart access management solutions for urban spaces. Lockn Technologies has developed SIMSIM which is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides smartphone based secure and streamlined access.
  • Botspace: BotSpace lets enterprises build and deploy complex chatbots on Messenger, WhatsApp, Mobile and Web to automate customer service without coding, training or bot deployment knowledge. Enterprises can build a bot through botspace in less than 5 minutes and 45 clicks as opposed to other bot services that requires 8000+ clicks and a week’s time to be built.
  • Instoried: Instoried is an AI-based augmented writing tool that optimises emotions in content, thereby helping brands boost engagement and content productivity. With the Next Billion Users moving online, 500 million of them are Hindi users, with a mere 20% consuming content in English, thereby giving Instoried the first mover advantage in an untapped market.
  • Yogya: is an Intelligent Learning Solution that enhances Employee Capabilities with 100% ROI. identifies skill gaps and provides skill specific learning paths. With their intervention engine and one-of-a kind capability metric, they are already working with some of the most well known high growth organisations in the country to enhance the capabilities of their employees.
  • HappyLocate: Happylocate is a B2B focused model which help corporates automate and manage their end-to-end employee relocations over clicks for enhanced employee experience, process efficiency and cost savings. With 25+ verified movers and 16,000+ hotels already on their network, custom in-built approval flow, asset light operation model and a range of other benefits, Happylocate are already the exclusive relocation partners for some of the largest corporates in India.
  • Refresh: Refresh is a for-profit social enterprise which up-cycles discarded clothing and waste fabric into sustainable up-market furnishing and decor items. Refresh aims to revolutionise the textile industry by reducing cloth wastage by 99%, reducing the carbon footprint, generating employment for rural women and promoting sustainable fashion through their wide range of unique products.
  • Bhorzvan: Bhorzvan is an EV platform providing ultra light, high performance customisable electric motors, motor controllers, battery management system and related electronics. Their highly efficient brushless motors with state-of-art power density ratios and extremely high reliability provide three times the power and cost a third of current motors in the market.

These companies are part of an ecosystem that supports startups by leveraging strong market access to 400+ enterprise clients across the CoWrks member network. Over the past year, The CoWrks Foundry has invested in a total of 24 startups, of which 12 are from our core program.

Our third batch has continued to benefit from our commitment towards building capacity in founders through actionable frameworks and tough practitioners. In the last six months, these companies have grown significantly in clientele, and their founders have grown to be resilient leaders.