The pandemic has wreaked havoc on all fronts — personal, social and professional. The outbreak has plagued not only the health of millions globally but has left economies across the world grappling to stay afloat. With global supply chains and international trade stalled and countries sealing off their borders, the effects of the coronavirus outbreak has left businesses around the world counting costs.

The evolving crisis is as economical as it is biological.

India saw its first official case of Covid-19 on January 30. Two months in, India is facing the reality of the pandemic with 10000 confirmed cases and over 300+ deaths. In the wake of the situation, entrepreneurs and professionals across the healthcare, technology, social development and government sectors, are working together to find solutions to contain, test, treat and manage the menace that is Covid-19.

Saving Grace Thousands of health professionals are heroically battling the virus, putting their own lives at risk. Governments and industry are working together to understand and address the challenge, support victims and their families and communities, and search for treatments and a vaccine.
The Indian startup sector is also working on a slew of initiatives in collaboration with hospitals and the government to scale up testing, manufacture of medical equipment, medicine delivery and the supply of protective gear for healthcare workers.
With a myriad of such projects in motion, three of our portfolio companies have joined the ecosystem on the front lines of the war waging against Covid-19.

At The CoWrks Foundry, we are staunch advocates of resilience. We believe companies can thrive through both the known and unknown when led by formidable founders who are self-aware, gritty, and highly skilled. Bhorzvan, JioVio and Huviar are pioneering the actions required in these testing times. They have ramped up their business solutions and offerings to support not just their customers but others as well.

JioVio | Applied Response

JioVio is an IOT based outpatient automation solution that reduces the check up time under 10 minutes including the digital report and prioritizes the low/high risk patients for preventive doctor consulting bundled in an integrated solution — (app & dashboard). Their already proven IoT based wearable medical device and AI based assistant has helped expecting mothers monitor their vitals, get expert consultation within minutes, and ensures a risk-free pregnancy. Kits that can monitor vital health parameters of pregnant women living in remote villages and periodically send updates to the respective healthcare professionals to ensure good antenatal care.

JioVio founder Senthil Kumar M built the entire product inspired by his sister’s experience during her pregnancy.

With the Tamil Nadu government directing all persons who have returned from abroad after February 15 to strictly remain in self-quarantine, Senthil launched a new feature in their existing Madurai Kavalan App that enables the government to track all such individuals. The Madurai Kavalan app was designed to help city residents to notify the police about their locked homes, lodge complaints and upload pictures of suspicious persons, unclaimed baggage or vehicles without having to visit the police station. The app has enlisted contact details of police personnels across 62 units in the district thereby helping Madurai Police to prevent burglaries. Built in a record time of 48 hours, the app features allow users to monitor self-quarantined patients with GPS technology, and provide users with round-the-clock real time updates.

The startup is open to collaborate with all state governments, NGOs, hospitals and other different departments that are involved in containing COVID 19 at this juncture. For further information about the app and possible collaboration contact

Bhorzvan| Shifting Gears

Bhorzvan is an EV platform building ultra light, high performance customisable electric motors, motor controllers, battery management system and related electronics. Their highly efficient brushless motors with state-of-art power density ratios and extremely high reliability provide three times the power and cost a third of current motors in the market.

In light of the current crisis, the automobile sector in India forecasted a 10% slowdown in sales due to raw material shortages. The EV sector will experience a blowback since it relies heavily on imported cells and other electronics. In these trying times urgency is key to the survival of a business like Bhorzvan’s.

By most estimates, there are about 40,000 ventilators available across the country. With the numbers of positive cases increasing with each passing day, several thousands of ventilators will need to be produced very quickly. This move by Bhorzvan comes as a response to meet the need of the hour.

Currently, in the prototyping stage, 100 units of Bhorzvan’s ventilators will be sent for testing by the end of April 2020. These ventilators will be ready in the months of May/June to treat those who are at the first and second stage of the Covid-19 disease, helping them breathe artificially. To make it accessible to all healthcare facilities, Bhorzvan intends to offer these ventilators at a much lower price range than most ventilators.

The startup is currently in the process of closing funds & partnerships with NGOs, governments, hospitals, testing facilities, and clinics interested to support their effort to quickly disseminate these ventilators around the country. For further information about the product and possible collaboration opportunities, contact —

Huviair| Fight & Flight

Huviair drives industrial productivity with drone data Intelligence that particularly caters to the construction industry. The company provides survey and workflow management with added analytics and intelligence. They already work with some of the biggest names in the industry — providing more accurate measurements, reduction in manpower, cost saving and increased safety at worksites.

In an outbreak of the scale of coronavirus (COVID-19), drones, especially fully autonomous ones could be an essential support in fighting the disease. Whether it is aerial monitoring, or emergency response, or medicine delivery, unmanned aerial vehicles can be deployed to help those in need, without putting human helpers at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

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